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Smallmouth Bass

Want to learn more about fishing for smallmouth bass? MidWest Outdoors has a full digital archive of smallmouth bass fishing articles, from MidWest Outdoors print magazine!

Tony Roach Discusses the Nation’s No. 1 Smallmouth Fishery: Lake Mille Lacs

Bassmaster recently rated central Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs as the nation’s “No.1 smallmouth fishery.” Having fished this lake for decades, […]

Oh, those Wounded Minnows Entice the Fish

It was a quiet summer night as the barely audible whir of the trolling motor pushed us toward the boat […]

‘Humping’ Summer for Nighttime Bass

It’s July, and daytime air temperatures are in the high 90s in Tennessee with the water temperatures not much lower. […]

How a Bass Sees Color

Longtime guide Malcolm Lane and I both believe that color is our least important consideration when choosing bass lures. This […]

Exploring a Great Stretch of the Shiawassee River

The Shiawassee River runs for 110 miles through the middle part of Michigan. The river originates in Springfield Township, flows […]

Best Baits for Stream Smallmouths

During decades of float fishing for smallmouths in streams and a few years of guiding fishermen on the upper sections […]

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