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Ice Fishing

Learn how to catch your favorite species of fish this ice fishing season.  MidWest Outdoors features a full selection of ice fishing articles, from the best ice fishermen in the MidWest, straight from our magazine!

Shallow Water Northern Pike Ice Fishing

Singling out shallow water Northern pike When Old Man Winter funnels the cold air down from the Canadian provinces, the […]

Ice Fishing With Slender Spoons

Slender spoon fishing slays fish If someone says they are fishing slender on the ice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that […]

Ice-fishing Lake of the Woods

On the trail to Oregon It had been a couple of years since I made my last trek up for […]

Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe: Perch Paradise

Sky-high limits at winter perch paradise To the best of my knowledge, there are two locations where perch provide the […]

Top Ice-Fishing Tools

Fish’N’Tales author Dan Galusha’s top ice-fishing tools Through the years, many questions about what I use at the end of […]

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