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Learn how to catch your favorite species of fish during the winter. MidWest Outdoors features a full selection of winter fishing articles, straight from our magazine!

Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe: Perch Paradise

Sky-high limits at winter perch paradise To the best of my knowledge, there are two locations where perch provide the […]

Bowfishing During the Winter

Bowfishing hauls in big fish A lone campfire flickered on the floating patio of the small marina office as clear, […]

Perfecting the Deadstick for Walleyes

It’s called the “one-two punch” when ice fishing—jigging one line and deadsticking, or, basically a live minnow under a bobber […]

Tapping Tip-ups

Intrigued with expanding use of tip-ups this winter but feeling somewhat intimidated how to do it? These tips should help: […]

Winter Walleye Movements on Lake of the Woods

They don’t call it the “Walleye Capital of the World” for nothing. Even on a walleye factory like Lake of […]

Ice Fishing Dream Trips

Ice fishing adventures abound across both the U.S. and Canada. Some of the destinations are exotic and remote while other […]

Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’

Not much else grabs your attention more than noise. And the same holds true for fish. In fact, no matter […]