mwo-smallMidWest Outdoors magazine and TV show are dedicated to helping you enjoy the outdoors! Fishermen and hunters turn to MWO for information on where to go, what to use, how to use it and for features that add to their general success and enjoyment of the Great Outdoors.

With the digital age, MWO has more ways than ever to deliver high-quality information to you, including this website, our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest; and an e-newsletter and podcast (an online radio program), which both come out about twice a month.

Whether it’s the TV show, magazine, newsletter or podcast, each of the entire family of MWO products has exclusive content not found anywhere else. We hope you give all of the MWO products a try, and provide us with your feedback so that we can continue to deliver the kind of information that will best help you enjoy the outdoors!

The newly redesigned MidWest Outdoors magazine is all about helping you enjoy the outdoors with articles and features on fishing, hunting and the great outdoors––where to go, what to use and how to use it.

Each issue is filled dozens upon dozens of articles by MWO’s stable of more than 150 writers, each with a particular area of expertise. No other single publication has more outdoors coverage of the upper Midwest.

MidWest Outdoors is a newsprint-style publication, is delivered monthly––10 times a year––and is available by subscription or at the newsstand. MWO readers living in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee or Wisconsin receive an additional section, which focuses on their local outdoor resources, activities and events.

Coming soon: an online Digital Edition of MidWest Outdoors magazine!

MidWest Outdoors Television is the top-rated outdoors TV show in the Midwest! Our award-winning TV show is now celebrating 30 years on-air and can be found on more than two dozen TV stations, including nationwide on Pursuit Channel, and has been selected as the “Best Fishing and Hunting Show” by viewers all across the U.S.

Each episode contains at least three segments and a Tip-of-the-Week, so MWO TV is fast-paced and highly informative. The show is fresh and timely with fishing, hunting and outdoor segments filmed on-location, and has won several awards for outstanding outdoors programming and production.

MWO TV can be seen throughout the upper Midwest and nationwide, and airs year-round in most markets. Click here for a station and time in your area.

Now you can listen to MidWest Outdoors anytime, anywhere!  The MidWest Outdoors Radio Podcast network is anchored by two monthly shows: a radio-style podcast featuring a variety of expert guests and timely and informative topics, and by feature-length interviews with top names in the outdoors industry “in their own words.” MWO Radio Podcasts are available for listening at iTunes, Stitcher Radio or by clicking here.  It’s time well spent!

Coming soon: audio podcast snippets from outdoor experts and radio hosts all across the Midwest!

If you’re reading this message, you’ve found our newly designed website, What makes our website unique to the outdoors industry is the sheer volume of content, and that it is delivered in three ways––you can read MWO articles and posts; you can watch MWO TV shows and video clips; and you can hear MWO radio show podcasts, interviews and more.

In addition to a massive amount of informative fishing, hunting and outdoors content, we also hook you up to outdoors events with our sportsman’s calendar, to the latest state fishing, hunting and boating rules & regulations, and to the hottest Gear and Destinations.

The website is completely accessible by mobile, so you can take the great outdoors with you wherever you go. We are constantly upgrading our website, so come back often to experience our newest features!

Coming soon: a proprietary MidWest Outdoors Search Engine that will help you find exactly what you are looking for, quickly and easily!

Delivered to your email box about twice a month, the MidWest Outdoors eNewsletter contains outdoors articles, videos and audio clips not found anywhere else! The eNewsletter format allows you to get up-to-the-minute news, the hottest tips and tactics and more.

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We want to hear from you! Please contact us: ask our expert staff any questions, tell us about your latest outdoor experiences, or show us pictures of your prize trophies!

You may also be interested in our Facebook contest, celebrating 30 years of MWO TV. The 30-week contest starts in February and will award weekly prizes, leading up to the grand prize––a boat & motor!  Click here for contest details.

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