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Northern Pike

Want to learn more about fishing for northern Pike?MidWest Outdoors has a full selection of northern pike fishing articles, straight from our magazine!

Shallow Water Northern Pike Ice Fishing

Singling out shallow water Northern pike When Old Man Winter funnels the cold air down from the Canadian provinces, the […]

Hooking Trophy Pike at Lake of the Woods

Tackling trophy pike at Lake of the Woods Minnesota is gifted with lakes full of northern pike. When the discussion […]

Massive Canadian Northern Pike: Mean and Mobile

Catching reel monsters All across Canada, a vast network of flowing water connects lakes, rivers and marshes ideal for spawning, […]

Bountiful Fall Fishing Cree Lake Lodge

Wild weather, wild pike and delicious wild berries at Cree Lake The province of Saskatchewan is one of my favorite […]

What’s a Pike Between Friends?

I couldn’t help but feel guilty as we began to unpack our ice fishing gear from the pickup. It was […]

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