New Berkley PowerBait Jigs Taking Cover by Storm


Berkley bait scientists had one goal when creating the new Berkley PowerBait Jigs—to create a jig that would out-fish all the others. With all of the key features of the time-tested classic jig, Berkely integrated their proprietary fish-catching PowerBait technology. The result: A one-of-a-kind line of jigs unlike anything the fishing world has ever seen.

Backed by decades of science proven in Berkley Labs, the PowerBait-infused jig skirt disperses a scent that is scientifically proven to catch more fish. And, with a taste that will keep bass holding on 18x longer than regular silicone jigs, the new PowerBait jigs gives anglers more time to set the hook and put bigger bass in the boat. Between the PowerBait skirts, diverse jig models paired with Fusion19 hooks, and fish-approved colors, Berkley scientists created an exciting line of new jigs designed to simply out-fish all the others.

Pro’s take

Professional angler Gary Klein, one of the masterminds behind the line of PowerBait Jigs, worked tirelessly alongside the team at Berkley Labs to engineer the lineup. Klein has been known as a jig fishing specialist throughout his career and his expertise, along with the Berkley scientists’ knowledge and expertise in Berkley technology, have taken this family of jigs to a whole new level.

“Each PowerBait jig was studied and crafted to give anglers the perfect equation to catch fish. The head design, angle of the line-tie and the PowerBait skirt combine for a powerful weapon to trick any bass into eating. A big goal of ours was to create multiple jig designs to give anglers the best jig arsenal to be successful in any situation they are faced with on the water.”

Bobby Lane, another pro behind the line, added, “Anglers look for a jig that they can trust to put fish in the boat, and not every jig is made the same. Berkley PowerBait Jigs are made with a premium weed guard to protect the stout and sharp Fusion19 hook, and each jig model’s line-tie is designed to allow the jig to come through any cover. This jig is like no other. It’s one any angler can trust.”

The Berkley PowerBait Jig lineup is composed of seven different unique jig head styles including flippin’, football, swimming, finesse swimming, skipping, heavy cover and finesse jig models. With a plethora of proven colors to choose from, anglers from all over the map have a color option to best fit their fishery of choice.

Flippin’ Jig

Slip easily in and out of complex cover and draw aggressive strikes with these Flippin’ Jigs.

The Berkley Flippin’ Jig, featuring a delicious PowerBait-flavored skirt, is a Gary Klein original broad, Arkie-style head design that slips in and out of the nastiest cover. With a recessed, 40-degree horizontal line tie and heavy weed guard, the possibility of getting snagged is minimal even in the thickest of cover. It features a stout, needle point, Fusion19 hook and is available in 4 sizes—3/8-, 1/2-, 5/8- and 3/4-ounce. The jigs come in 10 proven colors and pair well with a PowerBait Crash Craw and a PowerBait Pit Boss.


Heavy Cover Jig

Penetrate the densest vegetation and draw out more fish with these Heavy Cover Jigs.

The Heavy Cover Jig is built to get in and get out of heavy cover. It has an aggressively pointed head design ideal for getting through the thickest and hardest cover situations. It features a recessed horizontal line tie to reduce the possibility of snags, a PowerBait-flavored skirt, a heavy-duty weed guard, a stout, needle point, Fusion19 heavy cover hook and fishes well with a heavy-action rod and braided line. It is available in 3 sizes—3/4- 1-, and 1 1/4- ounce—and comes in 8 proven colors. The jig pairs well with the PowerBait MaxScent Creature Hawg and the PowerBait MaxScent Chigger Craw.

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Football Jig

Fish snag-free through rocky cover with Football Jigs designed to draw aggressive strikes.

With a flattened bottom to the head, the football jig will move through the roughest of terrain with ease while always in the standup position, similar to a live crawfish. A recessed, 40-degree horizontal line tie keeps the knot safe and offers the perfect angle for long casts when fished in shallow or deep water. The needle-nose, Fusion19 hook is strong enough for the biggest of fish and works well with heavier line applications. Like the rest of the lineup, the PowerBait scented skirt will make the fish hold on longer. The football jig is available in 5 sizes—1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-, ¾- and 1-ounce—and comes in 10 proven colors. It pairs well with a Berkley PowerBait Crash Craw and PowerBait MaxScent Chigger Craw.


Swim Jigs

Fish through the water column and slip through cover easily with the new Swim Jigs.

Berkley Swim Jigs are available in two models: standard and finesse. Both feature a specially designed tapering head with a fiber weed guard, allowing the jig to move through weed and cover with ease. The zero-degree vertical line tie is recessed to protect the knot from fray and allows the bait to be easily casted and retrieved. Like the others, it’s equipped with a Fusion19 hook to pull bass from the heaviest of cover, and the PowerBait flavored skirt keeps fish holding on longer. The Berkley Swim Jig is available in 3 sizes—1/4-, 3/8- and ½-unce—and comes in 10 proven colors. The Finesse Swim Jig is available in 2 sizes—1/4- and 3/8-ounce—and comes in 10 proven colors. Both size jigs pair well with the PowerBait Power Swimmer and the PowerBait The Boss Grub.

Skippin’ Jig

These Skippin’ Jigs are designed to easily skip under cover and docks to attract the fish hiding out of sight.

The Berkley Skippin’ jig features a wide, flat head and bulky skirt designed to allow for smooth, easy skips under cover and docks. The head features more surface area than traditional skipping jigs and the detached, talon-style keeper will hold soft plastic baits on longer while being skipped. Like the others, the Skippin’ Jig features a Fusion19 needle-point hook and has a medium-weight weed guard and 40-degree recessed horizontal line tie for a feature-packed jig. It is available in 2 sizes—3/8- and 1/2-ounce—and comes in 10 proven colors. The jig pairs well with the PowerBait MaxScent Meaty Chunk and PowerBait MaxScent Chigger Craw.

Finesse Jig

Perfect for precise applications, these Finesse Jigs will draw bites when larger profile baits will not.

The Berkley Finesse Jigs feature a small, classic, Arkie-style head and a downsized skirt to offer bass a smaller profile meal with a PowerBait-flavored skirt. The compact bait overall allows for more precise finesse presentations when fish don’t react well to bulkier jigs. It packs a lighter weight weed guard, 40-degree recessed horizontal line tie and a light-wire, needle-point Fusion19 hook. The Finesse Jigs are available in 3 sizes—1/4-, 3/8- and ½-ounce—and come in 10 proven colors. It pairs well with a PowerBait MaxScent Meaty Chunk and the PowerBait The Boss Grub.

To go hand-in-hand with the Berkley PowerBait Jig lineup, Berkley offers a wide variety of PowerBait and PowerBait MaxScent soft plastic trailers that are perfect to pair up with your PowerBait Jig of choice. With the addition of the Berkley PowerBait Jigs, the Berkley bait lineup has now become even more powerful in helping anglers use science to catch more fish.