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Driftless Trout Stream Restoration

What are the best practices for trout stream restoration? Stream restoration is a major player in the health of all […]

In His Own Words: Rick Clunn

Rick Clunn: From Rock Bottom to Bass Tournament Superstar To any bass angler who fished at any level in the […]

Chicago Muskie Chronicle

Esox fishing around the Windy City is for real Chicago Muskie fishing is finally coming of age. Most anglers observe […]

Shallow Water Northern Pike Ice Fishing

Singling out shallow water Northern pike When Old Man Winter funnels the cold air down from the Canadian provinces, the […]

Ice Fishing With Slender Spoons

Slender spoon fishing slays fish If someone says they are fishing slender on the ice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that […]

Hooked on Fishing: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hooked on fishing Once upon a time, some 60 years ago, my brain was hijacked. It seemed innocent in retrospect, […]

Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe: Perch Paradise

Sky-high limits at winter perch paradise To the best of my knowledge, there are two locations where perch provide the […]

Do-it Ripper, The Incredible Soft-Plastic Swimbait

Do-It Ripper: multispecies soft-plastic swimbait Swimbaits have become a staple for fishermen chasing nearly everything in fresh and salt water. […]

Fishing Lake Taneycomo

Winter trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo is a great way to beat cabin fever Just below Table Rock Dam on […]