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Finesse Swimbaits Catch Monster Smallmouth Bass

Finesse swimbaits | This little bait is a delicacy to smallmouth bass! Hands down,  you need to add the finesse […]

Rigging up Right for the Bass of Springtime

After the long cold winter in the Midwest where many anglers have been watching fishing on TV, bought more tackle, […]

Cattin’ on the Wolf

Catfishing on the Wolf River is a relaxing experience that can be enjoyed by everyone including loved ones or your […]

Slab Prospects: Reelfoot and Kentucky Lakes

Picking a good crappie hole is fairly easy in April—the “ladies” are gravid and the dudes are eager to spread […]

Spring Walleyes on the Rainy River

There is a spring tradition for some anglers that goes back generations. As the warm and welcomed spring sun begins […]