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Rusty Myers Fly-in Fishing Adventure

Heading north for an Ontario fishing adventure A fly-in fishing adventure I’ve looked forward to for many years finally became […]

Lake of the Woods: Nonstop Fishing Action

Crossing Lake of the Woods off the bucket list Nestor Falls, Ontario is a short hour and a half drive […]

Destination Canada: Trip of a Lifetime

Get ready now for that trip of a lifetime Life is the journey, not the end result. So you’ve heard […]

Driftless Trout Stream Restoration

What are the best practices for trout stream restoration? Stream restoration is a major player in the health of all […]

Chicago Muskie Chronicle

Esox fishing around the Windy City is for real Chicago Muskie fishing is finally coming of age. Most anglers observe […]

Fishing Lake Taneycomo

Winter trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo is a great way to beat cabin fever Just below Table Rock Dam on […]

Crane Lake–Voyageur’s National Park

Crane Lake adventure–a multispecies destination Minnesota offers so many fantastic fisheries, it can be difficult to decide where to go. […]

Massive Canadian Northern Pike: Mean and Mobile

Catching reel monsters All across Canada, a vast network of flowing water connects lakes, rivers and marshes ideal for spawning, […]

Bountiful Fall Fishing Cree Lake Lodge

Wild weather, wild pike and delicious wild berries at Cree Lake The province of Saskatchewan is one of my favorite […]