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Make a Lake Michigan Memory this Summer

I’ve always been a big proponent of “Take a Kid Fishing.” I remember as a young lad going fishing with […]

Are You an Ethical Angler?

It was a beautiful fall day on the Rainy River. I was fishing with my brother for walleyes the day […]

Tony Roach Discusses the Nation’s No. 1 Smallmouth Fishery: Lake Mille Lacs

Bassmaster recently rated central Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs as the nation’s “No.1 smallmouth fishery.” Having fished this lake for decades, […]

Update on River Zones: What Creates Hydro Zones?

“Bobber” Anne and I have continued to seek out further information on river bottom zones. We’ve nailed down the fact […]

Fishing the Multi-species Lake of the Ozarks

In Missouri, when people say they’re “Going to the lake,” they’re usually referring to Lake of the Ozarks. This famed […]

Best Baits for Stream Smallmouths

During decades of float fishing for smallmouths in streams and a few years of guiding fishermen on the upper sections […]