New World Record Catfish?!?


Alessandro Biancardi of Italy may have just accomplished a 23 year goal of his, a world record catfish. Biancardi landed this 285 cm or roughly 9 1/3 ft long Wels catfish from the Po River. If the measurements are accurate, Biancardi would beat the current world record by a mere 4 cm.

MadCat Fishing shared all of the details via their Instagram account which can be seen here.

Biancardi had this to say about landing this giant, “I was alone facing the biggest catfish I’ve seen in 23 years,” Biancardi wrote. “I tried gloving its mouth 2-3 times, but it was still too strong. I decided to go in shallow water to land it from shore and after a few tries, I managed to land it!”

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You can learn more about this incredible catch via the MadCat Instagram page links below.

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