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Largemouth Bass

MidWest Outdoors has a full selection of largemouth bass fishing articles, straight from our magazine!

In His Own Words: Rick Clunn

Rick Clunn: From Rock Bottom to Bass Tournament Superstar To any bass angler who fished at any level in the […]

Ice Fishing With Slender Spoons

Slender spoon fishing slays fish If someone says they are fishing slender on the ice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that […]

Thoughts on Big Baits for Largemouths

I’ve often had conversations with anglers about their favorite go-to bass lures. This is always an interesting topic, as it […]

Focus on Weed Growth for Consistent Bass

There are factors that draw in apex predators into dense weed growth as water temperatures peak in midsummer. Lush weed […]

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