The All Canada Team


Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, looking forward to a Canadian fishing trip from the perspective of it potentially being your “greatest of all time” is totally understandable. Especially when—with the exception of the weather being the wildcard about which you can do nothing anyway—you feel you have it covered.

First off, based on solid references, a trusted buddy who’s been there, or best of all, first-hand knowledge, you’re confident the fishing could be some of the best you’ve ever experienced.

Second, you’re all geared up to take full advantage of it. Armed with the proper tackle, all-weather clothing and maybe even your own boat, you’ve got the goods to do what it takes.

And finally, but most importantly. you’ve assembled, or have been lucky enough to sign on to, an “All Canada Team (ACT)”—a group of people who, just by sharing time with them, will make your trip memorable no matter what the circumstances, or whatever happens.

Now, we’d offer that there are a lot of “ACTs” out there. But given that our individual personalities are what they are, probably no two are exactly alike. Even though every ACT is apt to share a similar cast of characters.

The Experienced One(s)
Almost every ACT will have one or more guys/gals that are generally experienced. Though not necessarily expert at any aspect of it, those who have been there and done it before are happy to share their knowledge, as needed or when called upon, to the benefit of all involved.

The “Newby”
Being a first-timer ensures by definition that his or her trip will be a personal greatest of all time (GOAT). And while that’s great for them, it’s just as good for the old hands. Because there’s nothing like watching someone embrace the “everything” there is about Canadian fishing to remind us graybeards just how lucky we’ve been to have enjoyed it for a lifetime.

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The Handyman
Now, I’ll readily admit that if you put a tool in my hand—especially when I want to be fishing—I’m not a happy camper. So, while I tend to marvel at those—like some of my fishing buddies—who seem to relish the challenge of a breakdown or having to unexpectedly have to fix something, I’m extra glad for their company.

The Cook
It’s kind of the same thing with cooking. Now, give me a grill or a frying pan and some oil, and I’ll get by. (Though there are those who’d argue this point.) But there’s always someone on any ACT who actually likes to cook. And, by golly, we’re happy to let him or her have at it. Go figure.

The main ingredient
Now, all special talents (and quirks) aside, the glue that binds any ACT is that everyone is like-minded. That the whole team likes to fish (and eat fish) is one. But that they all have the same basic values in life, realistic expectations of the trip, and that they genuinely enjoy spending time with each other, is quite another.

So, if you add it all up… if you’ve put you’re ACT together… there’s no reason not to expect your Canadian adventure to be a GOAT. One that can only be topped by your next go ‘round.

And that, boys and girls, is something to look forward to!