Canada…It’s Time!


This whole pandemic phenomenon—so carelessly and abruptly dumped on us—just might have a silver lining: There seems to be a new or renewed interest in everything outdoors amongst the general population.

Boats, campers, dogs (especially the sporting breeds), access to the shooting sports and the guns and ammo they require—all of it and more—have been in record demand since the onset of “the bug.” Other than artificially high prices resulting from the perfect storm of supply chain interruptions while everyone wants everything now, increased participation in the outdoors is a good thing. Theoretically, the more sportsmen/outdoorsmen there are, the greater impact we can have on the big picture: conservation.

Amazingly, it seems a lot of us—newbies and veterans alike—are ready and willing to pay whatever it takes these days. And while that’s fine, it still never hurts to take advantage of a good deal—like Canadian sport fishing.
Now, no one can realistically argue, particularly those of us Midwest outdoorsmen who live so nearby, that Canada’s world-class freshwater fishing is not the stuff of dreams. With the best part being that it’s one of the true bargains in our outdoor world.

That said, what Canadian waters have to offer is not necessarily for everyone.

Canada’s really forward-looking fisheries management is geared to maintaining and growing the valuable resource. By applying strict size, bag and possession limits, anglers enjoy near-boundless opportunities. While they can catch all the fish they want, they can keep only enough for the daily fish fry and/or a few to take home. That they cannot use their Canadian trip as a freezer-filler is, sadly, a turn-off for some.

Still others absolutely disdain border crossings. It’s a fact that with the new covid vaccination and testing policies, they haven’t gotten any easier. But as long as you’re legal and polite, there’s really nothing to worry about. Border agents on both sides are people just like you and I. They have a job to do. Yours is simply to help them do it. The bottom line is that, before you rule out a Canadian trip for no good reason, consider all the aspects that make it worthwhile. The foremost of which is the downright fabulous fishing.
It’s been said about Canadian fishing, “There’s no skill required.” While that may be tampering with the truth to some extent, it’s not by much, because everybody catches fish in Canada. If you’re a total novice, you may need a guide for a day to get you going. But after that, it’s usually “game on,” with tight lines being the rule, not the exception.

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Know too, that there is very little fishing pressure in Canada overall compared to that in the United States. And most of what there is has always been applied by visiting Americans. Though it’s hard to believe that a couple years of our absence due to the pandemic would make much difference in fish populations, it can’t hurt. Especially when targeting muskies or big pike that haven’t seen a flashy bait during that time.

While the fishing is always job one, it’s everything else about a Canadian trip that gets in your blood. From the unending amount of sparkling clean water, and air so fresh you’ll want to bottle it, to the abundant wildlife and unlimited elbow room, time spent in Canada’s Far North will help you understand the old saying, “While you can leave Canadian fishing behind, it will never leave you.”


Then there are the people you meet in Canada. Camp owners, the guides, and the pilots are special people. Good people. People who help us enjoy and appreciate the truly wonderful part of the world they live in. And best of all, people who become our friends.
But it’s a mutual thing. Because these people need us as much as we need them. Many of them—heck, probably most of them who have just lost the last two years’ worth of revenue—are barely hanging on. In thanks for having been there for us in the past, and to ensure they’ll be there for us in the future, they need us now more than ever.

Remember, too, that compared to a lot of the other things we do, Canadian fishing is a flat-out good buy. There’s just no one—from self-equipped, self-guided DIY campers to those looking for five-star accommodations—who can’t find a Canadian package in their price range.
When it’s all said and done, especially after what we’ve all been through the last two years of our lives, maybe the best reason to consider Canadian fishing is for the escape. To leave this upside-down everyday world behind, at least for a little while. Heck, when all you have to do is try to catch a fish while surrounded by some of HIS best handiwork, well, what could be better for our souls?

So, it’s time!
If you’ve never fished in Canada, it’s time to experience what you’ve been missing. And if you have, it’s time to get back there for more of what you’ll never get enough of.