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Structure Fishing

Update on River Zones: What Creates Hydro Zones?

“Bobber” Anne and I have continued to seek out further information on river bottom zones. We’ve nailed down the fact […]

How to Fish Waterfalls and Drop Dams

The roar and hiss of the Gravel River Falls is still a part of my river education. My father, Don […]

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Current

Since moving to Ottawa a couple years ago, I’ve heard so much from local anglers about the fishing opportunities on […]

Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’

Not much else grabs your attention more than noise. And the same holds true for fish. In fact, no matter […]

My Favorite Fall River Structure: Lifts!

Autumn is the time to talk about River Lifts, structures that attract a great many trophy bass and walleyes at […]

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