Aw Shucks Bass Assassin: Denny Brauer In his own Words Radio Podcast (Episode 17)


Outwardly placid as a glass-calm lake, you would think it might take five gallons of gas to light a competitive fire around Denny Brauer, but on the inside burns a methodical will both long and strong, complemented by a sense for the right time to take calculated risks, no matter how life-changing they might be. He just seems to know what to do, whether testing the waters of tournament fishing, moving south to put himself in the thick of it, or closing out victories against the rest of the best in the world.

Over the course of a distinguished career, Brauer has weighed in nearly 9,000 pounds of fish in B.A.S.S. competition, finishing in the top 10 an impressive 79 times, winning 17, including the 1998 Bassmaster Classic.

A few years ago, a virus attacked him, taking half the capacity of his heart and lungs. But his love of fishing and life keep him moving right along, as he still fishes a few tournaments, represents his loyal sponsors, and continues to help develop products and teach us how to catch more fish.

What a nice guy, what an awesome tournament angler, and we are delighted and honored to present Denny Brauer, in his own words… Click here.

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