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#1688 – Boat Control for Big Bass on Lake Erie

#1688 – Boat Control for Big Bass on Lake Erie

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Lake Erie is one of the best bodies of water to catch massive smallmouth bass. Lake Erie smallmouth bass are growing bigger and bigger every year and the fishing opportunities await you. Fishing on the Great Lakes can be very dangerous but you can learn new tips about boat positioning on large bodies of water in this video.

#1688 – Intro

MWO #1688 – 6/16/18 – The Worm Kayak Bass Fishing with Walt Matan and Bob Gillispie. Using Boat Control to net big smallies on Lake Ontario, featuring Power Pole. Looking to the future at the Tomorrows Anglers Kids Fishing Tournament. TOTW on Flambeau dry storage with Larry Ladowski.