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Mike McClelland: Hall of Fame Walleye Angler & Tournament Trailblazer

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Present at and winner of the very first MWC tournament in 1983, angler extraordinaire Mike McClelland has shaped the face of modern competitive walleye fishing. With a humble personality and desire to share his knowledge with others, Mike has won countless friends and fans along the road as he criss-crossed the nation giving seminars, often with his partner-in-crime, Bob Probst Sr.

Mike is no stranger to a television camera, has published multiple books, and stood on the winner’s podium at many tournaments. He’s an angler with a track record most will never touch…but you’d never know it by casual acquaintance.

That’s why you need to listen in on the visit he and MWO Associate Editor Dave Csanda recently had. It’s time well spent!

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