Maggiore Doubles up on Illinois State Records


Ken Maggiore of Chicago was recently fishing with shrimp on the bottom at Montrose.

It wasn’t long before he was into a good fish, which turned out to be a 7 1/2-pound whitefish. The fish was 27 3/4 inches long with a girth of 14 1/2 inches.

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Later, incredibly, he was into another good fish, a burbot, which is a great-eating form of the freshwater cod. Known as an eelpout or lingcod, these fish are avidly fished for in Minnesota for their fine-eating quality. Knowing he had an unusual day on the water, he took both fish, along with the few cohos he caught, over to Henry’s to be weighed and verified.

The whitefish and burbot weighed in at 9.3 pounds on Henry’s certified scale, and were both new Illinois state records. The burbot was 32 inches long with a girth of 17 1/2 inches.