Hunting the World for Big Fish: Larry Dahlberg


Larry Dahlberg in his own Words

Larry Dahlberg is one of those guys who has a perpetual twinkle in his eye. An infamous practical joker, he has a storyteller gene that can keep groups of listeners transfixed and, usually, laughing hard.

His life has been a fertile garden of events that make for great tales, from the time he was just beyond a toddler and catching his first crappie, to more recent events in faraway lands while pursuing large fish specimens for his long-running television series, The Hunt for Big Fish. He’s dealt with political turmoil as well natural dangers, such as the giant rapids on Brazil’s remote Orinoco River that almost tore apart the boat he was using.

He’s also an angler who is always thinking, coming up with tweaks to lures as well as whole new designs. He is a big proponent of making your own lures. One video he made shows him on a northern lake, remarking how a mother duck swims by each day with fewer ducklings. He makes a duck decoy into a planer board and, with the duck-planer, tows a lure that implied a duckling. A muskie smashes it.

Any angler who relishes deep thought, usually well outside of the box of preconceived angling notions, would enjoy a conversation with the guy.

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Lately Larry, now 68, has turned his attention to programs that get kids involved in fishing and the outdoors. He still tinkers in his shop, still comes up with new ways to catch fish. You can see some tutorials by Larry on making your own lures at

We think the folks who market the beer Dos Equis missed the boat when they hired the tall guy with the big nose as “the most interesting man in the world.” Here’s Larry Dahlberg, in his own words.

Take a listen. It’s time well spent!

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