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The new MWO Radio Podcast episode is ready for your listening pleasure…

We used to call it the magazine podcast, but it’s now known as the MWO Radio Podcast.

In this episode, we’ve got a great Seasonal Story from a legend in tournament fishing circles. Gary Parsons offers up his many years of hard-won secrets that help him formulate a game plan while trying to make a living on the water. If you try his recipe, it will help you catch fish like a pro.

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Our friend Mike ‘Ike’ Iaconelli slows down (sort of) long enough to describe his favorite ways to fish a hot new lure from Rapala, the Shadow Rap.

What’s coming up in the February issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine, sneak peek at upcoming MidWest Outdoors Television episodes, and we announce a huge new Facebook contest with an amazing grand prize.

It’s time well spent…

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