MWO Podcast: What the DNR Really Does for You


There are a lot of people who work ‘behind the scenes’ to make sure your waterways and fields are stocked with fish and game and that they are accessible to you, the outdoors enthusiast. On this podcast, MidWest Outdoors publisher Dan Ferris speaks with two of them: Colleen Callahan, Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Bill Cullerton, Board Member the Illinois Conservation Foundation (ICF).

Learn more about the many ways your state DNR and other organizations make your time in the outdoors more enjoyable as well as their programs to ensure the growth, safety, and success of our outdoor resources and community. Below are links to website pages discussed during the podcast.


Resource Links:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources:


Illinois Conservation Foundation (ICF) Home Page:


Illinois Conservation Foundation (ICF) Programs:

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Illinois Conservation Foundation (ICF) Scholarships:


Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF):


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