Learning the River

I’ve talked to hundreds of people a year who have said that they’re too afraid to fish a river because they don’t understand how they work. I agree, rivers can be a pretty unforgiving place if you don’t know how to fish one. They can change in many different ways and can cause issues if you are not aware of the changes that happen daily on a river. This article is how I break down and simplify the parts that everybody needs to know about a river. Understanding the mechanics of how a river works will save you money and also put you in the right place to catch fish.

The first thing that you need to know about a river is the current. Current is the most noticeable part of a river’s features. Have you ever noticed that when you drive past a river it seems to have changed from when the last time you saw it? Current is the aspect of a river that can cause the tremendous amount of change you see. As the water moves downstream, it stirs up and moves dirt, sand, and even rocks.

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