Thumb Pressure Clears Most Backlashes: How to Cast Baitcast Reels


An underused trick for getting backlashes out

Next time you get a backlash, try this!

1) Pull the line back out (toward tip of rod) until the tangle stops your progress.

2) Hold down on the tangled line with the thumb of the hand not used for reeling.

3) Start reeling, maintaining thumb pressure on the backlash. It will be a bumpy ride, but keep reeling until the backlash clears itself or it prevents you from reeling anymore.

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If your first attempt does not clear the backlash, repeat the process. Start by again pulling the line toward the rod tip until it stops, then hold down on the tangle with your “free” thumb again, and resume reeling.

It might seem counterintuitive, but this technique clears most backlashes, keeping you from having to sit there and pick at the mess.

In some instances, you have to pick a stubborn tangle out by pulling tightly-snarled line out “backwards,” thereby freeing it. That’s why the backlash-clearing “pic” tool is included on the useful accessory list.   MWO