Lure Alert: One Man’s Dream, a 3D Printer and a Catchy Name


We’re always looking for new lures and fishing tools we can use and share with you as we comb the many displays at the FLW Expo. One attractive exhibit was by Hoax Fish and contained a series of baits with characteristics that caught my eye.

Owner Kyle Norman got hooked on fishing with his grandfather. Soon, he concentrated on bass and then began tweaking his baits to make them better. He eventually became a firefighter, but did have a business on the side. An avid bass angler, Norman has always had the experience, ideas and motivation to make better lures.

Kyle’s wife introduced him to Arkansas State University-Beebe, where he could get help that included a 3D printer to aid in his design and prototype for pre-production. His first bait was a swim jig trailer that was tested and refined in a swimming pool, then a private lake and finally on public waters.

A more fluid action made sense, and he attained this by varying the thickness of the lure’s plastic and its design. Knowing the business, and how important the lure name would be, he applied for Trick Fish, but that name was already taken.

Norman is happy now with his selection—Hoax Fish, his lure company’s name. Lures include a Bamboozie Craw in 13 colors that can be fished with their Jape Jig or as a swim jig trailer, Texas rigged or with other creative rigging. It has the presence of a large bait without the bulk that buries your hook in the lure instead of the fish.

Their Scam Shad in three colors can be fished in many ways.

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“Just put a hook in it, and you’ll catch fish,” Norman said.

Their Chiseler is a wacky worm style with the added attraction of a thin action-packed tail. It has a good horizontal fall and co-anglers have been surprising the pros with their catches.

A fish-attracting Hoax Fish Trap Con Marinade is also available, but double-bag it so you don’t bring all the animals in your area to your tackle box.

I’m looking forward to learn what’s next. Go to for more information.

Dan Basore is a fishing historian and steward of the history of the sport. In his efforts to preserve fishing history, Basore is always on the lookout for information about early lure makers, old lures, pre- level wind reels, manufacturer catalogs, tournament casting items and the like. If you possess information or materials that can help, please contact Dan Basore, Historical Fishing Display, at 630-393-3474 or 800-347-4525.