Manitoba Hunting

Welcome to our world class hunting

Manitoba’s vast landscape is home to millions of waterfowl, countless game birds, and many of Canada’s most desirable big game species. Our select hunting opportunities and game rich areas are a chosen option for thousands of hunters, each and every season. Whether you’re rifle hunting for the iconic caribou, bow hunting for monster black bears or wingshooting for swarms of migrating mallards, Manitoba is host to an abundance of easily accessible and ultra-remote hunting experiences. This is hunting at its finest!

Exclusive Opportunities, Endless Possibilities

From the untamed barren grounds of the North, the rolling hills and mixed forests of the Parkland, to the expansive agricultural lands of the Central Plains, Manitoba is defined by six geographically distinct tourism regions, all supporting a diversity of unique hunting environments. Within each regional boundary there is a gateway to authentic wilderness, remarkable destinations, exhilarating wildlife encounters and a variety of signature hunting experiences.

Seek your thrill, explore our wild paradise!

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