Manitoba Fishing

Welcome to our world class fishing

It’s no wonder why thousands of anglers choose Manitoba as their preferred fishing destination. In a province that’s home to over 100,000 lakes, numerous rivers and creeks and 30 different fish species, angling opportunities are as convenient as they are endless.  Whether you’re casting for giant pike, fly fishing for huge brown trout or ice fishing for massive greenback walleye, Manitoba is host to a multitude of exceptional fisheries with real chances for that fish of a lifetime. This is fishing at its finest!

Exclusive Opportunities, Endless Possibilities

With six unique and geographically distinct tourism regions within our provincial borders, Manitoba offers convenient access to a wide selection of extraordinary landscapes, remarkable destinations, and some of the most desired angling adventures within North America. From the remote fly-in tributaries off the coast of Hudson Bay to the sprawling drive-to lakes and rivers throughout the Eastern Canadian Shield, Manitoba presents a variety of signature angling experiences within each regional boundary. Fuel your curiosity, explore the unimaginable!


50th Anniversary Legacy Feature: Manitoba has six regions, four seasons of fabulous fishing fun

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