Canadian Memories Will Last a Lifetime

For all you folks out there who have experienced the beauty of the Canadian wilderness, it’s not hard to understand when I say that for the angler looking to make some lifetime memories, a trip to Canada is a must. Those who have not yet enjoyed the beauty and the angling bounty Canada has to offer, it’s time to take all that dreaming you have been doing and start planning your adventure of a lifetime.

As one who is fortunate enough to travel to many locations throughout Canada in search of trophy fish, I have come to realize over the years that when it comes to a great angling experience the choice of available locations are endless. From five-star resorts to primitive bush country locales, you can tailor your adventure to your liking and budget.

Folks who travel to Canada for fishing trips know that a great fishery exists here. From trophy northern to huge walleyes and lake trout, you can adjust your trip. Heck, I have even targeted big jumbo perch and whitefish on some trips with great results. For this adventure of a lifetime, I recommend you do your homework for what you are looking for on your trip. You can structure your trip specifically to your liking, making it even more memorable. When asked by folks heading to Canada for the first time I usually will recommend picking a location that offers a variety of species of fish. By doing this you can experience catching many different fish, and not just one species. The choice is ultimately yours, but you will have more fun fishing many species.

When it comes to Canadian resorts, make sure you do your homework. When you talk to resort operators at sport shows or by telephone, make sure you get complete information for what is offered in their trip packages. I always stress to folks to make sure there are no hidden charges that can suddenly show up when you arrive at your location. If resort operators at sport shows are somewhat evasive in answering your questions, don’t be afraid to move on—the same goes for the operator who makes everything sound “too good to be true.” When you finally decide where you want to go for your Canadian adventure, always make sure you get everything promised to you regarding your trip in writing. Again, if the operator won’t do that, walk away.

One thing I want to stress is that the vast majority of Canadian resort and camp operators are wonderful, honest people who will try to provide you with the adventure you are seeking. And, if they are not being honest with folks, they will surely not be in business very long. My point here is that you, my friends, work way too hard for your money and I want you to get your dollar’s worth. Inquire about their cancellation policy of reservations. The reason is we never know when something could come up that would keep us from going on the trip. We don’t like to think about it, but it is a fact and I don’t want to see anyone lose his or her hard-earned money due to a strict “no-cancellation policy” in case of an emergency.

For first-time Canadian adventurers, make sure you know what documents you need to enter Canada and also to return into the United States after your trip ends. I have found it’s best just to use my passport for both entering and returning from Canada. Check the internet for regulations regarding children entering and pets.

As I mentioned earlier, you folks who have gone to Canada know what a great experience it is. For those planning that trip, now is the time to start. I guarantee you will be glad you did. The best part is that once you experience the angling Canada has to offer, those memories will without a doubt last a lifetime. The lure of Canada will keep calling you back, so go make some memories.


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