Bustle and Flow of St. Clair Carries Year-round Charm

Smack in the middle of the great ice-fishing grounds we are featuring here in the December issue, on the banks of the St. Clair River, sits a town packed with charm, great scenery, and year-round outdoor opportunities.

The river from which it takes its name connects Lakes Huron and St. Clair. The town of St. Clair, Michigan is an ideal place to visit at any time of year. Sitting in the river park, you can see across to Canada, and watch oceangoing freighters passing by, seeming close enough to touch.

At the end of July, thousands descend on this little town to watch the Riverfest Offshore Boat Races. It’s been said to be the closest one can get to these racing boats anywhere in the world. The Fourth of July again finds thousands coming from all over to sit by the river and watch a sentimental and moving fireworks presentation from the barge parked in the river.

In between the excitement, you can see small boats drifting quietly in the mist of morning as anglers hunt for giant walleyes. The St. Clair boat harbor is active from early spring until late fall with people from all over the state and Canada coming to St. Clair to enjoy the area and the opportunity to play on the waterways. The St. Clair River is also the site of the Blue Water Salmon Stakes held at the riverside Voyager Restaurant in early April and the annual Marbleye Classic Tournament in early May. There is even a new shop in town called the Riverview Fly Shop that offers lessons on how to fly fish the big river and the nearby lakes. Need tackle? At the St. Clair Library, you can stop in and check out a rod, reel, and tackle box. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, “Everyone should believe in something: I believe I’ll go fishing.”

The serenity of small town America coupled with the blue St. Clair River draws thousands of visitors to the greater St. Clair area each year. With an abundance of water-related activities to offer, the community is home to fantastic pleasure-boat facilities.

In addition to historic surroundings and artistically-inspired landscaping, there are great restaurants and terrific views of freighter traffic from around the world from spacious waterfront parks. Whether the greater St. Clair area is your destination for a weeklong riverside vacation, a weekend getaway or a spontaneous day-trip, our community is a wonderful place to be.

When you visit St. Clair, stop by the Welcome & Information Center operated by the St. Clair Chamber of Commerce. It is located in the downtown RiverviewPlaza opposite Palmer Park. Or you may contact Pat O’Connor, St. Clair Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center Administrator at 810-329-2962 or stclairchambermi@gmail.com.

For more information visit stclairontheriver.com, cityofstclair.com or bluewater.org.