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Watch Larry Ladowski and friends catch monster smallmouths on Lake Michigan

Video of the Week: Monster Smallies!

This will get you wishin’ for some summertime fishin’ for sure… Larry Ladowski heads onto Sturgeon Bay with Bret Alexander and Mike Welsh. Drop-shotting with Gulp! and it’s yours for just one click!

Dan Gapen as a youngster and as he looks now, at 83

MWO Podcast #6: Dan Gapen In his own Words

Lots of us know at least something about the life and fishing accomplishments of Dan Gapen, Sr. Known for his prowess fishing rivers, and for inventing the Ugly Bug, Bait Walker, and other tackle items. But there is so much more to his story, and it begins in the June, 2015 edition of MidWest Outdoors magazine. Listen in as the conversation continues for nearly an hour, here on the podcast, with Dan …

Andrew Ragas with big summer smallmouth bass

Scoring Summer Smallmouths

by Andrew Ragas Editor’s note: we asked Andrew Ragas to offer up some great places to fish smallmouth bass in his northern Wisconsin stomping grounds, which he is doing in a two-part series in MidWest Outdoors magazine. The where-to tips start with spring and summer, in the June, 2015 issue. Then, Ragas gives up some great fall smallmouth lakes in the August, 2015 issue. Meanwhile, we asked him: “after we …

Vast scene of Missouri Ozarks

Learn ‘Power Scouting’ for Turkeys

In April, Ray Eye, MidWest Outdoors hunting instructor, and brother Marty had just a few days to nail down the locations of roosted turkeys for 16 members of the outdoor media. If you’ve ever been to the southern Ozark mountains of Missouri, you know they had their work cut out… it’s a vast land of rugged ravines, winding streams and almost endless turkey habitat. Ray and Marty use their own …

Listen to Joe Bucher In his own Words on MidWest Outdoors Podcast

MWO Podcast #5: Joe Bucher In his own Words

He’s a legend in the fishing world, but Joe Bucher is a great hunter and professional musician as well. He long ago cemented his place in the outdoor industry, through his many writings and by hosting the long-running TV show, “Fishing with Joe Bucher.” Lots of great conversation here… it all starts in the May, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine, and continues here on our podcast. Hope you enjoy, …

Bucher FF Title

Joe Bucher’s Fishing Facts Debut

As promised in the May, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine, we dug up the first article Joe Bucher ever wrote for Fishing Facts, back in May, 1976. Here it is, scanned so you can see it exactly as it appeared. And, by the way, so you can see that Bucher’s fishing advice from back in the day would still serve you well in more modern times. Click on the …

Ray Eye calling to Missouri Ozarks turkeys on a scouting trip.

Scouting Turkeys by Calling to Them

You hear a lot about scouting, but rarely get a clear explanation of how to scout. Nobody nails down the specifics of turkey numbers and movements like Ray Eye. He has hunted turkeys in more states and countries than anyone in history, and has developed a creative scouting system you can use wherever* you hunt. (*Except in Illinois, where it’s illegal to call to turkeys using turkey sounds from about …

Mike Iaconelli appears on the MidWest Outdoors podcast.

MWO Podcast #4: Mike Iaconelli

There’s no hiding from Mike Iaconelli. Outwardly hyper, inwardly methodical. Smart. Brash. Hip. Urban. Emotional. Intensely competitive. In love with fish and fishing. Aware that he is a role model. Successful at the highest levels of bass fishing competition. As responsible as anybody for the urban bass culture that has sprung up coast to coast. His main point of difference, when fishing, is physicality: he powers through every day on …

Bass fishing legend David Fritts appears on the MidWest Outdoors podcast. He goes into detail on his crankbait fishing secrets.

MWO Podcast #3: Crankbait King David Fritts

This interview started in the March, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine, and we pick up with David Fritts… in his own words… right here. Listen as Fritts, a legend in tournament bass circles, goes into detail on his crankbait fishing approach – you’ll hear secrets you can put to use on the water this season. In addition, you’ll hear about a close call with a lightning bolt that almost ended …

Ray Eye films a turkey hunt from a special place we feature in the March, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors

Treasures Nobody Else Wants

In this day of lush food plots and valuable hunting land that’s hard to get access to, average hunters can feel left out. Finding a good place to hunt wild turkeys is a challenge no matter where you live, but hunting legend Ray Eye has hit on a formula you can replicate to find hidden gems that provide world-class action at flydown time. The area that Eye wrote about in …