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Watch Larry Ladowski and friends catch monster smallmouths on Lake Michigan

Video of the Week: Monster Smallies!

This will get you wishin’ for some summertime fishin’ for sure… Larry Ladowski heads onto Sturgeon Bay with Bret Alexander and Mike Welsh. Drop-shotting with Gulp! and it’s yours for just one click!

muzzleloader deer, ice fishing and more on debut of magazine-format podcast

MWO Podcast #12: Magazine-format Debut!

Here in episode #12 of the MidWest Outdoors podcast, we debut our magazine-format show, with multiple short segments. On the 15th of each month, you’ll get a new magazine podcast episode, with Seasonal Stories, behind-the-scenes details on what’s coming up on MidWest Outdoors TV, the new magazine issue, and much more. Around the 1st of every month, you’ll still get a new feature interview in our ‘Own Words’ series. In …

Dr. Ken Nordberg with big whitetail buck

MWO Podcast #11: Dr. Ken Nordberg, In his own Words

MidWest Outdoors magazine readers already know Dr. Ken Nordberg and his years of writings on whitetail deer and black bear hunting. A retired dentist steeped in scientific methods, Nordberg conducts ongoing hunting-centric research into the behavior of deer, bears, wolves, and other animals… all aimed at helping hunters be more successful, and more humane. His primary focus is on what it takes to create close-range shots at mature whitetail bucks …

whitetail buck in woods

2015 Michigan Deer Hunting Prospects

by Chad Stewart and Ashley Autenrieth This is a continuation of the article found in the November 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine, page 22. New regulations for archery hunters in the UP Due to the sportsmen’s concerns regarding the low deer herd numbers in Michigan’s UP, the Natural Resources Commission decided to no longer allow the harvest of antlerless deer with a single deer license or combination deer license during …

Hunting expert Mark Kayser with a big whitetail buck

MWO Podcast #10: Mark Kayser, In his own Words

Mark Kayser has taught a lot of us a lot of things about hunting over the years. His writing and photography have appeared in pretty much every magazine devoted to the outdoors. You’ve also seen his work on television, and perhaps follow his exploits on hunting blogs. As we wrapped up the written portion of this interview, in the October, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors, Kayser was explaining his approach …

A look at flintlock accessories from a retro fall turkey hunt with Ray Eye

Fall Gobblers, Retro-style

If you enjoyed Ray Eye’s article on fall gobbler hunting in the Ozarks hills, retro style (October, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine), you will love this video Eye put together from the very hunt described in the article. If you are not a fall turkey hunter, this adventure just might bring on the bug to experience it.

Hunting legend Ray Eye talks about growing up in the Ozarks and becoming a hunter, on the MidWest Outdoors Podcast

MWO Podcast #9: Ray Eye, In his own Words

On today’s show, we meet a man who comes to us from the last simple time in America, who grew up in the heart of the Ozark mountains of Missouri, hunting, trapping, fishing, literally living off the land. Chances are you know him as a wild turkey hunter, which he is. But there’s so much more to his outdoor skills, and his life in the hills, and our conversation with …

Google Map showing layout of dove hunting lands

An Early Hunt on the Wings of a Spreading Tradition

Midwestern dove hunting kicks off the season in style As featured in the September, 2015 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine, Field Editor Ray Eye takes to the dove fields near Greenfield, Illinois for opening day of dove season. He is hosted by dove management guru Mike Weller, at the beautiful grounds of Shudwell Outdoors. This video tells the story of dove management and hunting at Shudwell, something that all dove …

Images of Pat Smith, for Podcast episode #7

MWO Podcast #7: Pat Smith, In his own Words

Scour the annals of fishing history and you will be hard-pressed to find anybody as quietly influential and pure of motivation as Pat Smith. He made his mark primarily during a long stay at Thorne Brothers tackle shop in the Minneapolis area, but his influence extends deep into the fishing industry in other capacities. These days, he sells gear to the stores you buy it from, working for Big Rock …

Author Jason Mitchell with a big walleye

One Man’s Opinion: Midwest’s Best Walleye Waters

by Jason Mitchell The Midwest is ground zero for walleye fishing popularity. Midwesterners love their fish with the white-tipped tails and luckily, there are several great walleye fishing destinations across the northern tier of the United States. Of course we couldn’t put every great walleye fishery on this list and the list is in no particular order. This list is nothing more than some top-notch fisheries that are fishing extremely …