Fish and Wildlife Agencies Respond to COVID-19


Learn more about fish and wildlife agency responses to COVID-19 in each state.

State Fish and Wildlife Agencies across the country recognize the significant threat that COVID-19 poses to the American public, and many states have had to make adjustments in response to the pandemic. Illinois has had the most severe response, with Governor Pritzker closing all 329 state parks until at least April 8.

Relatedly, the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), the world’s largest fishing trade association, supports federal and state land management and fisheries agencies in modifying their policies to ensure the safety of employees as well as the general public, and have compiled a map, linked to state wildlife agencies across the U.S., that enables citizens to keep up to date on their state’s wildlife policies as affected by coronavirus.

The ASA encourages state agencies to 1) encouraging the public to pursue reasonable and responsible fishing activities, 2) keep fishing access sites open to the public as much as possible, and 3) to ensure the online purchases of licenses and registrations.

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Addressing state wildlife agencies, the ASA also states, “We hope that you continue to encourage anglers to spend time on the water. What better way is there to practice ‘social distancing,’ as health authorities recommend than for residents to get outside and enjoy some fishing?”

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