Big Changes for Fishing Tournaments?


We’ve been watching a series of announcements and events that seem to portend a whopper of a future for big-time professional bass fishing, and the development of young pros ready to compete at the highest level. To put the possibilities in perspective, Mark Strand sat down with our friend Dan Basore, who writes the column, Fishing History, in MidWest Outdoors magazine.

Here’s the way Dan Basore sees it and we see it, as a very bright day might well be dawning for a sport that has long played to a narrow niche audience. This interview is a companion to the January, 2019 cover feature in MidWest Outdoors magazine, on Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) Founder Ray Scott. That feature goes into detail on how the charismatic leader helped drive the beginnings of modern professional fishing in America.

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This is a compelling conversation with insights into what might come, very soon, for a sport that deserves to take the next step forward. Take a listen. It’s time well spent!

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