Ted Nugent on Hunting, Guns and Second Amendment

When it comes to preserving America’s hunting tradition and the right for individuals to own firearms, nothing is guaranteed. Forces opposing these freedoms are marshaled like never before, and it is, indeed, a culture war, says our guest, Ted Nugent.

Sitting silently on the sidelines, he argues, will earn a thank-you note from the antis.

After filling up two pages in the October, 2017 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine, we pick up the conversation as it turns to the health benefits of eating wild game, then sprints from one transition to the next.

Never a dull moment when Uncle Ted sharpens the culture-war spear, so if you don’t like controversy, better cover your ears… because it’s fixin’ to get real loud in here, as we hear from Ted Nugent, in his own words.

It’s time well spent…

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