Twisting Road to Fame: Babe Winkelman In his own Words


On today’s show, we wade waters and words as raw as any you’re likely to come across. The notion that “you’ve never heard so-and-so like this before,” is overhyped, but accurately describes what you’re about to hear.

The best interviews get to the heart of what makes somebody tick, and this one dives all the way in, laying bare the travails and triumphs of a young boy who goes on to become the man we have watched as he fished and hunted his way around the world…

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He tells us things he’s never told anyone in an interview before, including the story of a near-death experience, and twists that could have caused his life to take a different path… along the trail, he tosses out some darn good fishing tips, too, and here we go, with Babe Winkelman, in his own words…

It’s time well spent…

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