Kevin VanDam, In his own Words


Today, we come to a deeper understanding of how a young kid who grew up in a small Michigan town came to dominate the hyper-competitive world of big-time bass tournaments, in our conversation with Kevin VanDam.

Few athletes in any sport rise to the point where their initials speak for themselves, but ‘KVD,’ as he is known, has earned that distinction. Kevin VanDam is both a brand and a man, and we get to know the heart behind the enterprise in a conversation that starts in the January, 2016 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine.

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When we left off in the magazine, Kevin was telling us about the point in his young tournament career when he felt ready to make the leap and start fishing full-time for a living. That’s the point at which we pick the story up, and hear his own voice describe the path that eventually took him to the very top of this demanding and competitive sport.

Here we go, with Kevin VanDam… in his own words. Click here.

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