Interview Podcast #4: Mike Iaconelli


There’s no hiding from Mike Iaconelli. Outwardly hyper, inwardly methodical. Smart. Brash. Hip. Urban. Emotional. Intensely competitive. In love with fish and fishing. Aware that he is a role model. Successful at the highest levels of bass fishing competition. As responsible as anybody for the urban bass culture that has sprung up coast to coast. His main point of difference, when fishing, is physicality: he powers through every day on the water with astounding energy and a fast-paced style that seeks active fish and moves on when they don’t appear.

Born in Philly. Raised in Jersey. Takes the obvious career path and becomes a professional bass fisherman, successfully going head to head with people who grew up in bass strongholds. It was preordained that he would become a polarizing figure on the bass scene. He’s not easy to notice so much as impossible to ignore. An eagerness to talk has been reinforced by a persistent and enviable walk, including winning B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year and the Bassmaster Classic.

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Anybody who has ever dreamed of being a professional fisherman would give anything to win either one.

MidWest Outdoors publisher Dan Ferris slowed ‘Ike’ down long enough for a fascinating interview, and he struck instantly, like a coiled snake, at every question. No dead air, but you realize that each answer is thoughtful and insightful. His brain really does work this fast, and so does his body, and here he is, Mike Iaconelli… in his own words.

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