Pete Maina: The Allure of Muskies


Pete in his own words

This man is known throughout the Midwest as a muskie fishing legend. Pete Maina guides, tackle maker, television host, seminar speaker, and noted muskie maniac. This is the Pete Maina guide to his muskie fishing adventures over the years and how he became a muskie fishing master!

This tale starts out in the August, 2017 issue of MidWest Outdoors magazine. As we leave the printed pages, Maina is telling us that, even though he loves to catch all kinds of fish, there will always be something special, something different, when it’s a muskie on the end of his line. Pete Maina muskie fishing tips and techniques are all here for you!

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MidWest Outdoors Digital editor Dave Mull spent time learning what makes him tick, and here we go, with Pete Maina, in his own words…

It’s time well spent…

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