Harvest Your Deer, This Year: Mark Drury, In His Own Words

Mark Drury: Tactics and Tools to Get Your Deer, This Year

With 30 years of an incredible rise to the top in the outdoor industry, not only killing whitetails of a caliber most will never see, but also teaching his audience how to do the same, Mark Drury takes a moment to visit with Tim Kjellesvik to discuss the principles of good bowhunting. Whether you’re a grizzled deer veteran or a fresh-faced rookie, there’s something for you…including information on Drury Outdoors’ most recent innovation.

DeerCast is a whitetail movement predictor and recovery tool, as well as social media platform and content hub for all things hunting. Mark explains how DeerCast can help put you on your buck this season and dishes on some of the crazy stories throughout the history of Drury Outdoors.

Enjoy this conversation with the MAD Man of whitetails. It’s time well spent!

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