Walleye Whisperer Korey Sprengel Shares His Equation for Angling Success


Walleye phenom Korey Sprengel breaks down his secret to success in pro angling

Who wouldn’t want to fish for a living? Well, if you knew the sacrifice and dedication it takes…not many would be up for the challenge.

Enter Korey Sprengel, a young man who hails from Wisconsin and is taking the walleye world by storm. In this episode, Korey shares the story of his formative years and how he got hooked on fishing despite having parents who weren’t avid anglers. Then, he charts out his development as an angler including the tools, tactics, and helpful individuals that opened the doors to new opportunity.

Korey and MWO’s very own Dave Csanda discuss what it really takes to consistently catch fish, even when the pressure of a tournament is bearing down on you. The strategies and trains of thought Korey uses can be put to work for any level of fisherman.

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