How Does Griz Catch so Many Fish?

Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Member: Dick Grzywinski ‘the Griz’ in his own words

We love characters on this show, and the man we meet today fits the bill in ALL CAPS.

They call him the Griz and he’s famous for catching more fish on a day in and day out basis than maybe anybody ever has. He performs these fish-catching feats in urban areas and wilderness waters and guides on lakes he’s never seen… and there’s only one guy like him that we’ve ever come across.

This story begins in the May, 2018 issue of MidWest Outdoors. The conversation takes place in Griz’s basement, seated on creaky chairs that create ambiance that just seems to fit.

As we leave the printed page and pick up the trail here, this grizzled legend of the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame and national Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame tells us what it was like to live through what we now call the modern fishing revolution, and how his approach to the sport was shaped by those years.

It’s all stored up there in his head and it was fun to get him talking about it, and we’re excited to present the Griz, in his own words. We give to you, the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of fame man: Dick Grzywinski

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