Gary Gehrman: The Most Influential Angler You’ve Never Heard Of

Imagine the fishing world without planer boards? For those of us who troll on a regular basis, it’s almost impossible. But as with every great and useful piece of equipment, someone had to conceive of the idea, then build it…then build it again and again until they finally reach an iteration that does what they intended. For planer boards, that guy was Gary Gehrman.

Like most anglers, Gary got hooked on fishing early in life, but he was never content with the status quo. When he figured out how to catch suspended fish in the middle of what seemed to be an angler’s no-man’s-land, people began taking notice. Listen to the entire story on this month’s podcast and we think you’ll end up with a deeper appreciation for the online planer board and the man that caused that wake almost 40 years ago.

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