Cabinet Nominations

If you’re in the market for gun storage but don’t have room in your budget or room in your place for a full-fledged, heavy-duty gun safe, here’s the next best thing. Steel security cabinets are ideal for both tight budgets and tight spaces. These are great places to stash your stash, be it long guns, handguns or things you just don’t want lying around for security reasons, or, just to keep any little hands and inquiring minds from discovering them.

Stack-On offers a series of key-lockable cabinets in a wide range of sizes and orientations, from small handgun cabinets in the 30-pound range to midsize models featuring varying degrees of gun and ammo storage to large-capacity units capable of holding up to 22 rifles and shotguns at a mere 86 pounds. There’s even the 16-31 Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet firearms model if you plan on having a few friends or a small army over on weekends. All come with fastening hardware too so they can be attached to walls, floors or your immovable object of choice.

Practically speaking, if you’re an apartment dweller faced with hauling a 500-pound armored gun safe up three or four flights of stairs, you might really appreciate a lighter-weight security cabinet that does the job without the uphill grunt work. Homeowners who prefer lightweight, low-cost storage solutions may agree.

In fact, where space is a problem, why not join the hole-in-the-wall gang?

Stack-On’s series of all-steel, In-Wall Security Cabinets are designed to hold pistols, midsized storage with two removable shelves or even two long guns on the Full-Length model, and include three shelves should you someday decide to use it for smaller items. These units all mount between 16-inch studs in a wall, take up no space and look like unobtrusive electrical panels, drawing nary a look from prying eyes. They hide in plain sight, kind of like urban camouflage in a home setting.

To install them, simply pick a good location, cut an appropriate-sized hole in the plasterboard, insert the unit, secure it with a few screws, close the lid, and you’re done.

In short, these heavy-duty cabinets are nice for the price. And why purchase a 500-pound “gorilla” for big bucks when a 50-pounder for “chimp” change will do just as nicely?

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