Walleye and Ice Anglers Love Ron Lindner’s Latest Idea


Some people never slow down; some have a never-ending “idea-machine” cranking all the time. Ron Lindner is one of those individuals. He has thought about all things “fishy” and it has been Ron’s passion all his life. One of his recent ideas has shot out of the gate. It started with a question to himself: Where can I get some information about that walleye tournament?

He thought about this for a while, and then asked aloud, “What’s happening with the Green Bay walleyes?” Then, he asked, “You know when the PWT was at Erie, those were the glory years—are the monster fish still there?”

He summed up his thoughts again and asked, “Where is the walleye news? Why can’t I get it all in one place?”

Then, like a typical Ron conversation (mostly with himself), he asked to the group, “Why can’t something be done to gather all the walleye news in one spot?”

His brother, Al, myself, with years of walleye knowledge tucked under my belt, and Jay Kumar, a very astute social media expert, heard these questions.

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Together, this quartet noodled Ron’s idea, and soon created Target Walleye/Ice. It was decided on to make it strictly a digital news property, but with a funny bone. A business plan was shared with a few tackle companies, and social media was soon firing on all cylinders. It started slowly, less than two years ago, but the numbers now tell the tale. And since this is a digital format, the emails can be read anywhere on handheld devices.

Target Walleye has more than 68,000 likes on Facebook and over 25,000 following on Instagram. They like it because information comes from all across North America, with walleye news from Texas and New Mexico to the Northeast and from the Columbia River to Tennessee. Walleye happenings from most Canadian provinces are regularly covered too.

In a recent Target Walleye survey, subscribers said, “I learn a lot from you guys,” while another added, “It’s so good, even my wife likes to read it.” And, another said, “I like to hear about all the new things going on.”

“Walleye popularity is growing in North America,” Al Lindner said, recently. “There are more tournaments, more trophy-class walleyes, more walleye anglers, more walleye boats, more gear, more walleye waters and more walleyes to eat than ever before.”

  Target Walleye is loaded with timely fishing tips, photos of giant walleyes and more. Subscribe at targetwalleye.com.