Steak and Eggs for Steelhead

Fall on a great lakes tributary is an awaited fishing event for many anglers. Salmon gather in masses near tributary mouths, then travel upstream to spawn. Most of the large salmon runs of the season are triggered by storm fronts that bring rain. These rain events cause the tributaries to rise, and the salmon enter the tributaries in droves.

Anglers aren’t the only ones excited about the spawning salmon entering the tributaries. The resident steelhead of the great lakes also look forward to the spawning event. They will follow the spawning salmon into the tributaries. Not only do the steelhead follow the salmon, they virtually stalk the spawning salmon. Steelhead aren’t following the salmon because they’re nosey, they are following the salmon because of an insatiable hunger for the deliciously nutritious eggs that the salmon will be depositing in the tributary.

Breakfast is served!

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