Lake of the Woods Walleye Fishing on Fire


Strong walleye fishing continues around Lake of the Woods. Most anglers still use a jig and a minnow. However, according to some reports, long-lining cranks in the shallows is catching plenty of walleyes with some smallmouth bass mixed in. The best jig colors are gold mixed with yellow and orange.

Some Lake of the Woods anglers report success with crawler harnesses, running them 15 to 25 feet down during the day. They pull them in as little as 10 feet for the morning and evening bite.  

The Rainy River is slow for the time being. A good population of walleyes stay in the River year ’round and a jig and a frozen shiner bounced off bottom is the go to. The sturgeon fishing keep season opens again from July 1 through Septempber 30.

NW Angle

Up at the NW Angle in Minnesota, walleye fishing has been on fire. A jig-and-minnow, a bobber rig, and snelled spinners are all working. Walleyes can be had anywhere from 3 to 15 feet deep in the evening and from 18 to 25 feet deep during the day. Pink and white, chartreuse and blue and white jigs have been the most productive.

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Lake of the Woods
Kevin Budig with a 29-inch Lake of the Woods walleye.

Anglers are finding Canadian walleyes on Lake of the Woods a little deeper at 22 to 26 feet deep. Surface water temps are in the high 50s at sunrise, reaching mid to upper 60s by evening

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