How New Technology in Clothing Keeps You Cool and Dry


New technology that can be built into the fibers of clothing has the ability to change the way we adapt to extreme weather conditions.  In the recent past, keeping yourself dry and your body temperature comfortably regulated meant introducing chemicals into fabrics or layering nonporous, non-breathable materials.  Read on and learn how science provides a chemical-free solution that can transform your personal well being when dealing with the elements.

Sweat happens

Whether you’re running a marathon in Death Valley, or absorbing all the sun can dish out when you’re on the water fishing on a hot day the temperature can make you feel like a solar panel.

Why do we sweat?

Sweating is a natural process, part of what you could call the natural air conditioning of the human body. When we are active our muscles produce heat. The human body needs to stay at a homeostatic or steady state of temperature, and must find a way to cool itself. We balance our core temperature by sweating. Sweating essentially balances our body temperature by evaporative cooling.

How much do we sweat?

All humans sweat––a lot. Especially athletes. Simply walking produces 0.25 to 0.5 liters of sweat per hour, and up to 1.5 liters during strenuous activity. All this sweat has to move through your clothing, gloves and footwear.

The flaw in polyurethane

Obviously, waterproof/breathable membranes do not literally “breathe.” Instead, they “move” sweat in two slow steps by a process of diffusion through a polyurethane (PU) layer. Because PU absorbs and retains sweat, the inside of the fabric becomes wet. Then, body heat begins to push that dampness through to the outside of the fabric where it can finally evaporate—a very inefficient process.

Dry systems are better

eVent fabrics get their unique properties from a proprietary and patented waterproof membrane. The eVent membrane’s unique composition allows millions of tiny pores to breathe at their full potential, so sweat vents directly to the outside of the fabric in one single step. This is called Direct Venting Technology and its genius is hidden in its simplicity. Simply stated, eVent fabrics let the sweat out—up to twice as fast as common waterproof/breathable fabrics.

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Until now, the makers of other cooling fabrics have used a number of chemicals to enhance wicking, transportation and evaporation.

Cool technology

More news from the cool and dry front. A relative newcomer to the outdoors apparel scene has developed a chemical-free fabric that has changed the essence of cooling fabric technology right down to its very core. The fabric is aptly named Coolcore, and it wicks moisture away from your body in every direction keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what season it is. Here’s how:

360º moisture movement

Coolcore fabrics are engineered to distribute moisture quickly throughout the garment. This essentially eliminates any sweat spots that would normally appear. Since the moisture spreads throughout the garment, it will dry much faster keeping you cool and comfortable.

How it works

The technology in the fabric adapts to its environment and regulates temperature by managing heat and moisture. The proprietary construction helps manage and distribute your body heat, and if you work up a sweat it rapidly cools through regulated evaporation. This new technology has the ability to change your personal environment and greatly improve your overall well-being. One more thing worth mentioning: it’s chemical free!

Give these new technologies serious considerations the next time you’re shopping for clothing to wear on the water and in the field — not just for personal comfort but also for your safety and overall well being.