Wanna Job in the Fishing Biz? Listen to Al Lindner!


Potato chips are nuthin!

So what does that have to do with being successful in the fishing industry?

You’ll have to listen to this whole interview to get the message, but it will become crystal clear in time.

The state of the fishing industry is strong in many areas, but challenges are here that can threaten it or even wipe it out. MidWest Outdoors editor Mark Strand sat down with industry icon and legendary fisherman Al Lindner for a wide-ranging discussion on the fishing biz, how closely tied various jobs are within the fishing realm (or should be), and we get the lowdown on the upcoming Fishing Careers Workshop.

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If you’re interested in the future of fishing and dream of working in the business, it’s 50 minutes well spent…

Oh, and if you think Al is only interested in promoting the upcoming Fishing Careers Workshop, watch this whole thing and then say that…

Click here to watch the whole video interview…