Five Awesome Winter Bass Baits

Bass fishing in the winter can be challenging, but, with the lake to yourself, it’s a great time to enjoy the solitude and silence while possibly catching the biggest bass of the season. Mastering these five coldwater bass baits will help you catch more bass when the water turns cold.

#1 – Jerkbait

The suspending jerkbait is no secret to coldwater bass anglers. It was between the jerkbait and the crankbait for this spot, but, with the lipless crankbait being so versatile, I left the crankbait off the list. In the winter months, most lakes—even those that may be a little dingy in the summer—will clear up. There is little boat traffic and less plankton and other organisms that usually color the water in lakes. For this reason, the suspending jerkbait wins as one of my top winter bass baits. Work this bait along bluff banks where bass will suspend in the winter so they can move from one depth to another with ease. Get the bait down to the depth it’s designed, then start a jerk-jerk-pause retrieve. The pause is usually determined by the water temp, but sometimes you just have to experiment and let the bass tell you what they want. You might have to pause for as long as a minute. Just be patient and you might be surprised.

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