Choosing the Right Fishing Line

Choosing the right fishing line can be one of the most confusing and problematic dilemmas facing contemporary anglers. Just a cursory stroll through any major tackle and outdoors outlet or a riffling through the pages of your latest angler catalogs, or even checking out similarly dedicated internet sites, will quickly affirm the explosion in fishing lines of varying colors, diameters, construction and cost. How, then, to best navigate through the costly and staggering numbers of line choices confronting today’s fisherman?

When I started out fishing in the late fifties/early sixties era, line choices were delightfully limited by comparison. Aside from fly-fishing, you had basic monofilament, braid and new kid on the block leadcore which was a specialty line designed to aid in keeping trolled lures sufficiently deep. The few mono-oriented choices dominated the market for the vast majority, and would for many decades. Good old braid was there for those handy with the baitcasting reels of the era, essentially a compromise choice for those desiring one reel for both trolling and casting more substantive weights.

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