Dawn is a Darned Good Time for Bass Fishing

I haven’t always been a morning person. During my high school days, I slept in whenever I had the opportunity. However, my father was a farmer. He usually rousted me out of bed fairly early and always against my will.

At present, it is rare for me to linger in bed very long after sunrise. The reasons for this are many. One, I have some arthritis and just “lying there” begins to hurt after a while. Two, I am in that age group of men who just don’t sleep as long as they used to, don’t ask me why because I have no answer. Three, I enjoy getting up in the morning and getting the day going. The world is quiet before the “rumble” begins. I just seem to get more out of the day by beginning early. Four, I have found that this is the very best part of the day to go fishing!

Beat the summer heat

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