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Hot River Tips For More Walleye, Sauger And White Bass!  
By Walt & Poppee Matan

“There’s one!”  Poppee exclaimed.  I looked over and the rod was being ripped out of his hand.  Drag was squealing, rod was bouncing, it looked like he hooked the back of a bass boat running 75 miles and hour—then it got really exciting!     The fish was steady pulling drag, and then his rod doubled over again!  It was fighting left, fighting right. I grabbed the net, reached down deep a...
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Largemouth Bite Well In The Spring  
By John Bennett

One of the most beautiful times of the year is the spring, when the trees are leafing out, and the ice is long gone from the rivers and ponds. The spring peepers are in full throat, the grass is green once again, and the mosquitoes and deer flies have not yet begun to bite.     As surely as the sun once more warms the land, the water in the rivers, lakes and ponds also begins to warm and the fish that were under the ice throughout...
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New Gear For 2014  
By Larry Ladowski

After one of the toughest and longest winters that I can recall, the season opener of 2014 is within reach. I, for one, am ready and have been for quite a while. It is time to “gear up” for the new season.     Last July, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, better known as ICAST, gathered more than 9,000 industry representatives in Las Vegas, Nev., to see the latest innovations in gear, accessori...
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Shore Casting’s Magic Lures  
By Marc Wisniewski

While Some Lures Look Great, These Have Proven Themselves Time And Time Again       I’m not proud of this, but the only thing that exceeds the amount of lures I drag around in my backpack is the amount sitting on the shelf at home that got kicked out of my backpack!     I’m not in any way going to “dis” any lures here in this article. There are tons of great lures on the market. In fac...
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Trolling—It’s The Way To Fish Stripers, Hybrids And Catfish  By Robert A. Vaughn
There are all kinds of freshwater fish and all methods to catch them. Of course, we know there are all kinds of fishermen. In my younger days I believed that trolling for fish was a lazy man’s approach to a fantastic sport. I could still be rig...
Big Bass Shakedown  By Glenn Walker
For some anglers the pure excitement of catching any fish is all they need, while for some it’s the time spent on the water with friends or family. Now there is nothing wrong with these motives, and in my mind, anytime on the water is a great t...
Fishing the Northwest Ontario Wilderness  By Al Lindner
Boasting thousands of lakes and rivers teeming with fish, Northwest Ontario is home to some of the finest angling opportunities on earth. Many are drive-to locations where you can trailer in your own boat and a truckload of gear. Others are remote, b...
March Right Into Catfishin’ This Spring  By John Bennett
When I was a lad, my high school chums and I used to camp on the banks of a nearby river. We’d impale garden-dug nightcrawlers on long-shanked number six hooks that were tied onto monofilament line, which also sported a heavy chunk of lead or a...
Pre-Spawn River Walleye Hot Spots  By Mike Cyze
Here we are in the month of March and the Mississippi river is opening up once again from its winter cover of ice. When this happens every year, those anglers that have been stuck in the house are chomping at the bit to get out and wet a line in sear...
Why Some Guys Catch More Fish  By Tim Mead
Over the years, I’ve fished with some fine anglers with guys like: Pete Maina of TV’s “The Next Bite,” “Squeak” Smith one of Trout Unlimited’s “10 Who Made a Difference” in TU’s 50-year hist...

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