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10 Techniques to Ice More Walleye  
By Joe Henry

There are many criteria to consider if your goal is to catch more walleye and sauger this winter. For starters, fish on a body of water that holds good numbers of fish. Whether your choice is Lake of the Woods or another body of water with a healthy walleye population, once you are actually fishing, make your time count.     “The fish are coming through on our electronics, but we can’t get them to eat.” Has this ...
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Canada‚Äôs Jig and Minnow Combination  
By Larry Ladowski

The jig and minnow combination has been around for what seems like forever, especially for walleye anglers. It’s an extremely easy presentation—just tie on a jig, hook on a minnow, and there you have it. Not a real difficult thing to do, right? The hardest part of the equation is usually deciding what size jig to use. In Canada, this presentation has and continues to be a staple. And not just for walleye! And even though it is a relat...
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Shiners For Winter Steelhead  
By John Murray

It is winter on the tributaries of Lake Michigan and the anglers gear up to try their luck for these tough fighting migratory rainbow trout, commonly know as steelhead. Most winter steelhead anglers are using salmon eggs. These eggs consist of either natural single eggs, egg sacks, plastic artificial eggs or egg flies. There is no doubt that these eggs are an effective choice of bait. Nine out of ten steelhead anglers will tell you that without h...
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The Full Canadian Fishing Experience  
By Jim Zegar

Come for the fishing. Stay for the food. Come for the food. Stay for fishing. We did both. It is, indeed, the full Canadian fishing experience.     My good friend Tim Parker of Mundelein and I headed up to Clinton’s Ash Rapids Lodge this past August and what a great time we had. Fishing for smallmouth bass and walleye was excellent. As in really, really good.     I’ll tell you about the food later. &nb...
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The One-Two, Three-Four Punch for More Fish this Winter!  By Walt & Poppee Matan
There are search lures, aggressive lures, flutter lures, vertical lures, horizontal lures, 30-degree lures and negative lures. Basically, there are a lot of lures. But one thing for sure, if you use good equipment and have on the right lure, you will...
Feel the Jig - Know the Bites  By Mark Strand
Dave Genz Teaches Bite Detection  As readers of IceBreakers have come to know, we like to tap into the mind of the man most responsible for the modern ice fishing revolution. He’s a fascinating guy to talk fishing with, and he spends almo...
First Ice, Are You Ready?  By Mike Cyze
It’s inevitable; one day very soon here in the Midwest we are going to wake up and find our favorite fishing water has turned to ice. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to this happening as it signals that another season of drilli...
Ice Fishing River Backwaters  By Tom Berg
 Ice anglers routinely chase fish on small farm ponds, deep natural lakes and large reservoirs. One place that they tend to neglect during the winter is rivers. One good reason is that some rivers never freeze solidly during the average Midweste...
There Can Still be Good Fishing in November  By Darrell Taylor
Fortunately, the fall fishing period comes at different times depending on the latitude of a lake. For instance, in Illinois the bass in Lake of Egypt should be in their fall pattern now, but you can also cheat on the calendar period by fishing warm-...
Blitzing Weed Bass  By Dan Galusha
Heavy surface and subsurface weeds can often be a nightmare for anglers, but they can also be a bass fishing gold mine, if fished properly. While there are several lures and methods used, my favorite is to “blitz the bass.”   &...

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