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Your Ice-fishing Adventure on Lake of the Woods

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By Joe Henry The Walleye Capital of the World has been a popular fishing destination for eons. More walleyes are caught out of Lake of the Woods by ice anglers than any lake in the United States. In addition, the catch rate per hour is, arguably, the best anywhere. Most anglers who ice fish Lake of the Woods will access the lake on the south shore. Many will stay at a …

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White Bass: Underappreciated St. Clair Target

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by Bob Gwizdz I felt like the odd man out. John Cleveland, marketing director for Eppinger—makers of the iconic Dardevle spoon – was on the back deck of the bass boat, casting one of his company’s products. On the front deck, our host Jon Bondy was fishing a drop-shot rig with a Bondy perch, the latest in his line of soft-plastic baits. Having no bait company of my own, I …

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When Teaching Becomes more Important than Catching Fish

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by Jerry Kiesow It occurred to me the other day, in April, when our oldest daughter and I were in a small creek looking for steelhead—rainbow trout that live in Lake Michigan, but enter the tributaries to spawn each spring and fall. I had taken what is probably the final step in my fishing life: I no longer need to catch fish when I have others fishing with me to …

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What’s up…North

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by Scott Walsh Tackling Summer Smallmouth Compared to the last couple of years, our move from hard water to pre-summer seemed to happen in an instant up north. We have gone from having ice floating around on the lakes the past couple of openers, to 60-degree water temps for the opener on those very same lakes. Gotta love Northern Minnesota weather. Although early warming trends and the early ice out …

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What’s the Best Time of Year to Fish? June!

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by Capt. Lee Haasch I get asked a lot of questions as a charter captain. In fact, I ask people to ask me questions. What is the number one question that I get year after year? It had to be, by a landslide, “When is the best time to come fishing?” Now that is a question that could get many different, interesting answers: “Any time you can,” or “Tell me …

Way Beyond a Chop: Rainbows love Lake Michigan Waves

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by Ron Stresing The Lake Michigan waves had built from choppy two-footers to three-footers, and by the look of things, this was going to be a short trip. My cousin Ken and I were about eight miles off Milwaukee when we set out our lines. The first hit came on a portside planer board trailing leadcore line. Along with the bouncing rod, you could see a beautiful silvery fish jumping …

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Walleyes Love Weeds in Gin-clear Waters

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by John Bennett After having chased walleyes in both the United States and a couple of Canadian provinces, I am convinced that they can be caught in just about any kind of water. But catching them in ultra-clear water is one of the greatest challenges any angler will face. However, it can be done if one is prepared to adapt to the conditions. Walleyes, much like any other predatory fish, …

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Tungsten Jigs, The Other Alternative

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By Cory Yarmuth The world of ice fishing seems to change day by day and it is a challenge for a fisherman to keep up. Some changes are for the better and some just seem to catch more fishermen than fish. Unfortunately, differentiating between the two can be a difficult process. With the recent anti-lead movements all around the world, the fishing community, as well as others, have been forced to …

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Try Something Offbeat for Bass this Summer

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by John Bennett At least 50 percent of my fishing time is spent in pursuit of both the largemouth and the smallmouth bass. My love affair with the species began in the 1960s, during the farm pond-building boom that seemed to sweep through the upper Midwest, stimulated by financial aid from the Soil Conservation Service. My dad put in two ponds and my brother-in-law added one more, all within several …

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Better-sized Trout Versus Art: No Contest

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by Len Harris Chris Young is up from Chicago with the Lee Wullf Trout Unlimited Chapter for their spring get-together. I had met Chris a couple of years back and had given him some tips on where to fish. He much appreciated the tips. I had never actually gone with him before because of my back and knee problems. That changed yesterday. We met at 9 a.m. on stream. Chris …