Short Shots & Small Catches

It’s interesting about deer and their fawns. Before a doe gives birth, she wants an ideal place where there’s food, water and cover to hide her youngsters. She also wants them in an area where there aren’t other deer that could increase the overall scents for predators. If she has two fawns, she will not keep the two together. If a predator finds one fawn at least the other may survive at a different location. Does also lick their fawns after birth to eliminate their scent.

Current speed
I don’t except that some individuals say that when a river is at or close to “flood stage” that the current is not any stronger or faster than it is when it’s at “normal river” levels. It certainly could be where we anchor our battleship, but when we fish for catfish during high water it’s always “heavy sinker” time to keep the baits closer to the bottom. The anchor and rope sure do strain.

Kids’ fishing gear
When looking to purchase a rod and reel for your child or grandchild, consider their age. A 2- or 3-year-old fishing from shore should use a cane pole. This is much easier for them to control. As children get older, a spincasting rig is better. The chance of a backlash with this will be less than when using a conventional casting reel.

While the American eel spawns at sea, the females spend most of their lives in freshwater. I’ve only ever caught two or three, but I do recall two things about catching one. First, they twist and turn more than Elvis Presley. And two, I remember eating one and it really tasted good. And what is a baby eel called? An Elver.

Ever wonder why a fire swarming over grasslands does not completely destroy the plants? It’s because these have deep root systems. Much of the plant is underground and protected. Grasslands are found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Some grasslands can almost dwarf humans. Much of the original areas with this growth are now used for raising livestock or growing crops.

Snake got your tongue?
We’re snake lovers and have raised two boa constrictors. They have since slithered into the afterworld, but we do have a baby corn snake on order. We will have scaled down as far as size goes and upkeep of the reptile. Corn snakes are beautiful, and our son’s family has one. Ever wonder why a snake sticks out its tongue? Answer: To smell.

Ship ahoy
For all you non-sailors, what are mess, brig, galley and the head of a warship? The eating area, jail, kitchen and bathroom. By the way, the word “yacht” is Dutch.

Fishing spoons
A small or short spoon will wobble less than a wider, longer spoon. There are short, thick, flat, trolling, casting, wide, thin and concave spoons. I’ll bet there are even more types of spoons on someone’s drawing board that have not as of yet hit the commercial market. Spoons have been around for centuries and most all are made of metal.

According to a recent article I read, there are 663 million people who lack access to “drinkable” and “safe” water. A very sad stat is that 4,100 children under the age of 5 die every day from water-related illnesses. We share water from a community well that serves nine families. I doubt many think about the water we use both inside and outside. We straddle two rivers and a canal, so maybe the mindset is that there is plenty of water.

Our grandson Caden is never at a loss for words. He was asked by his teacher to use the following words in the same sentence: “Defeat,” “Defense,” “Deduct” and “Detail.” After a while, he proudly raised his hand, stood up and said, “Defeat of deduct went over defense before detail.”